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I have worked with Larry Padilla and his family of artists on two Maui homes. Each project has included custom copper driveway gates, additional walk through gates and a number of pieces of functional art. Larry is great with the individual concerns of the client and follows through with every last detail until it is 100% complete. The result has always been wonderful, unique and just what we wanted. His work is nothing short of incredible and I would highly recommend Larry to any one who is looking for the best in creative metal work!

John and Leontina Elder



Latest Work

Flower Scupture and Bamboo  

This wall sculpture shows off the tropical flowers of Hawaii. There are a haleconia, torch ginger and red ginger flower all nestled among our signature bamboo.

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Copper Axis Deer Sculpture  

This deer sculpture is made of pounded copper and bronze. The antlers are etched and engraved to look like real antlers. The eyes are machines stainless steel balls. The piece was finished with an antique bronze patina and a clear coat.

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